How Tighten a Toilet Tank and Toilet

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A loose toilet tank and toilet can cause damage and leaks in the bathroom. Tighten your bathroom plumbing with the help of this free video presented by a professional and experienced plumber.

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Video Transcript

I'm Terry with Towers Murray Plumbing Murray, Utah, here to show you what to do if you have a loose tank, a loose bowl, or a loose toilet seat. So on your tank, when you got a loose tank, there's two bolts, sometimes three on certain toilets. Bolts are located at the bottom, screw from the, from the inside. So, the first thing to do is go ahead and get a screwdriver, a pair of pliers, or a crescent wrench. Reach from the inside. Take your crescent wrench or pliers, tighten from the bottom side. Now if that tank is leaking, there's a possibility that you need to replace the gasket or the bolts. Next on a bowl, when you have a loose bowl, there's two bolts. One on each side left and right. Approximately 12 inches from the wall. Some of them have a cap. Snap the cap off. Go ahead and tighten down those bolts. Take a look at that time and see if the bolts are corroded or rusted. If they are at that point you probably need to remove the toilet and replace those. Last is the toilet seat. On your toilet seat from the top, there's little caps. Caps snap open. Take a screwdriver from the top side. Pair of pliers on the bottom. Grab a hold of that locknut and at this point you'll just tighten this screw down. If that screw happens to be stripped you may need to replace the bolts or the toilet seat. Go ahead and tighten that down. And then you can work on the other side. And again, I'm Terry with Towers Murray Plumbing, Murray, Utah. We've shown you what to do if you've got a loose tank, loose bowl, or a loose toilet seat.


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