How to Set Up a Water-Cooled Tile Saw

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A water-cooled tile saw enables the diamond-tipped blade to cool, preventing it to melt under the heat of heavy use, and you can set up your own model using a reservoir and electric pump. Keep your blade cool with the help of this free video of professional home help tips.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name's Chris Palmer. Today, we're going to talk about how to set up a water cooled tile saw. When you got a lot of tile to cut, a great tool to have is a wet tile saw. The wet part is basically for cooling the blade. You have a diamond tipped blade that cuts with an abrasive action, and so it builds up a lot of heat. If you don't have the water to cool it, you probably just melt the blade after not too many cuts. The important thing about getting this tile up and running, is priming the pump. So, to do that, the first thing you do is fill up your reservoir with water. It's nice to have your hose nearby, because you will need to top it off throughout the day if you're making a lot of cuts. So, fill up the reservoir all the way. And, this is the pump you want to prime. You can see, it's an electric unit which, in operation, it just plugs right into the saw. But, to prime it, you're going to plug in just the pump to your power source, and make sure you get a good flow of water coming through there. That's pretty good right there. While it's still plugged in, and you still feel your water pressure, plug it into the hose that brings water up to the blade location. And, it just slides right into the hose. Now, I can check and make sure that all the water is coming down over the blade, there's no obstructions in there. It's not a bad idea, even if you just let that run for a second. So, if there was any debris in there from previous use, it could get washed out before you get started. Once you're pretty happy with your water flow, you can unplug the pump, and plug it into your machine, and this is where it'll stay throughout your day of cutting. And, the machine has its own power source, so you would plug that in. Now, you're all ready to cut. Again, it's really important that the blade stays cooled with the water. So, if at any point in the day you're cutting, and there's no water, you need to stop and repeat this pump priming process that we just did. Keep your fingers out of the way, and good luck with your tiling. I'm Chris Palmer, thanks for watching. That's how you set up your wet saw.


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