How to Make Calcium From Egg Shells

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Egg shells are a rich source of calcium. Find out how to make calcium from egg shells with help from a professional caterer in this free video.

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Video Transcript

Hello, this is Coreen from Shakes Bakes, and right now we are going to discuss how to make calcium from eggshells. So, here are some of the items that we're going to need to make that happen. I'm going to use a rolling pin. You can use a coffee grinder if you like, makes it a little bit easier, but this is simple enough and you may not have a coffee grinder at home. You need some eggshells. I have three eggshells here which I dried. They've been sitting out to dry on this paper towel and they're cleaned out, so there are no egg whites there, but the membrane is still present because this has a lot of nutrients as well in it. So, you want the membrane. I have three eggs, and foil paper. This is to go with my rolling pin, so that we can grind it up as small as possible. So, this is what we have to do. We take our foil paper, we take our dried eggshells--you can break them up if you want--and put into our foil. Mortar and pestle would work as well, but again, I'm using what I have on hand. We're just going to wrap it up. So I'm just going to roll this out as best as I can using what I have on hand, which a rolling pin and foil paper. If it busts through, I'll just use another piece. And as you can see, it's starting to bust through, so I'll just get another piece of foil paper... because the eggshells have sharp edges. That's why this might help it. I'm going to see if I can... and I'm going to just open this up. You just want to roll it out until you get it as fine as possible. Again, you can use a coffee grinder--that works really well. It won't smell so great, but it's good for you. You can take it with some lemon juice, and that will be calcium citrate. You can take it with magnesium as well, those couple together really well. You can put your half a teaspoon into foods... that would hide it, to make it a little bit more palatable. Just a reminder: one egg gives you about one teaspoon of calcium and that's about 800 milligrams. You only need approximately 400 milligrams at a time, so half a teaspoon as a supplement is sufficient. And this is how you get calcium from eggshells.


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