Low Abdominal Exercises

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Exercises that work your low abdominal muscles make up a key part of core fitness training, and exercises with a BOSU ball can help you isolate and work those muscles to strengthen your core. Learn how to work your body to the core with this free video of abdominal exercises.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Emily Wenzel at Body And Mind Enrichment. I'm a Personal Trainer and a Pilates Instructor and Herbalist and Organic Gardener. I'm here at the Pilates Loft and we're going to go over some exercises for the lower abdominals. One of the most important parts of your core fitness training is to actually find your lower abdominal muscles. You want to feel where your hip bones are and travel two inches in and two inches down. Draw the abdominals towards the mid-line of the body; instead of pushing out, pull them towards your spine and lift it up towards the heart. And on your BOSU ball, have a seat right on top of the ball's eye of the BOSU. Now, you may find in certain exercises that you need, you may need to vary your position; honor that and do that. So, shoulders down and back. Hinge back, but lift up of the lower back, try not to be too heavy on the body. And you're going to lift one leg up; the hand's can be on the outside of the BOSU at first for support or switch to the other leg and try to bring the arms to the outside and then, bring both legs up and hold here. Lift up at the lower back, scoop the abdominals in and you may find that you're wiggling around a little bit and that's fine. And if you're stable, actually wiggle around a little bit and challenge your body like that. And if you find your stability, inhale reach the arms up and circle them around. Do ten in one direction, keep long in the lower back, keep the abdominals pulled in and then, try the other direction. So, inhale, "Hmmm"; exhale, "Hhhhh"; inhale, exhale. Then, lower the arms down if you need, tap one leg down and up or more of a challenge is reach one leg down and pull one leg in and out. And if your body vibrates and shakes, that's fine, everything is working and involved. Inhale, exhale. So, try eight or ten repetitions of everything and then lower the legs down. Now, this time, slide down a little further above the rim of the ball's eye of the BOSU, but slide a little further down away from the ball's eye. So, reach the arms out, scoop the abdominals in; inhale here and as you exhale, you're going to roll back. Inhale here and as you exhale, scoop the abdominals in when you come back up. Take a breath in, exhale roll down; inhale, keep the shoulder blades pulled back and then exhale, lift. More of a challenge would be to bring the arms with you, but arms by the ear. Inhale, "Hhhh", and then exhale, try to keep the arms reaching. Inhale, "Hhhhh", and then exhale, rotate side to side. So, you're going to roll down, twist, open up one arm, rotate the whole torso. "Hmmm", exhale twist, "Hhhhh", inhale center, exhale right on the legs and the BOSU should be supporting the lower back. Exhale, bring the arms forward, shoulder blades back and extend one leg out. Take, this time, bend the elbows behind the head. Inhale, lower down, "Hmmm", and as you lift the chest up, lift the leg up just slightly. Inhale, "Hmmm", exhale, "Hhhhh". So, do four or six on one side, "Hmmm", "Hhhhhh", and then switch to the other. Extend that leg out, lower inhale, exhale lift. Elbows stay wide. Try to avoid flying with the elbows. Try to avoid bringing that head and the neck forward and back. Alright. This time scoot back even a little higher up, but not all the way back onto the ball's eye again. Lower down, support the body with the hands behind you, but lengthen out of the lower back. Keep the abdominals pulled in and one leg in and one leg out into a single leg stretch. Shoulders down, neck is long and then switch both legs. "Whew". So, eight or ten repetitions of everything and bicycle it around. And then of course, reverse that direction. Watch the shoulders. Those are some exercises for the lower abdominals using the BOSU ball. I'm Emily Wenzel with bodyandmindenrichment.org.


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