Supine Abdominal Exercises

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Get a challenging, effective workout while lying flat on your back by performing leg lifts, bicycles and other supine abdominal exercises. Get down on the floor and get fit with this free video of abdominal exercises.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Emily Wenzel with Body And Mind Enrichment. I'm a Personal Trainer and a Pilates Instructor and Herbalist and an Organic Gardener. We're going to go over today at the Pilates Loft some supine abdominal exercises. These exercises you're going to be all the way down onto your back. So, grab hold of the legs; use the arms just gently to relax the weight of the legs into your hands and roll all the way down. So, you want to scoop the belly in and roll towards the lower part of the back, the middle and then the upper. I've got a little pillow just for small support on the, on the head and the neck. So, that's optional or you can use a towel and fold it underneath the neck. So, where the hip bones are, you would have feel the lower abdominal muscles. You want to go two inches in and two inches down. Feel that you're drawing those abdominal muscles towards the mid-line of the body without tightening the legs or tightening the back too much. So, inhale here and as you exhale, you're going to lift and lower just the right leg up and down. And you want to lift and lower from the lower abdominals as, and make sure the back isn't swaying up and down and the ribcage same thing. Try not to lift the ribcage up and down. And then, switch to the other leg, more of a progression would be to bring the other leg into Table Top and hold it there and the other leg taps down and up. And focus your eyes whatever you need to do to just isolate the lower abdominal muscles. Inhale here and then extend one leg out and switch to the other. Inhale and exhale. Making sure the shoulders are down, the neck is nice and long. Sometimes you'd be surprised why other muscles start to work. And then, bicycle the legs. So, you're going to swing them around, bring one knee in, up and around. And then reverse directions and again, you may choose to start with eight to ten repetitions of everything. Bring both knees in and hold it here. Then, you're going to bring the arms behind the head and just gently lift the head up, but keep the back in the same position and try to avoid the knees sliding in and out. And then lower back down. Inhale, so as you exhale, lift up from the lower abdominals; head is safe, you can lower the arms if you want, bring the arms behind the head and lower it down or you can keep the hands forward. So, inhale here and exhale lift. Keep the back in the same place, knees from swaying in and out and then lower. If you need a modification, just lower the legs back down. Inhale and then exhale, lift. The other thing is make sure the neck is safe. So, you're not lifting and swinging the neck up and down when you lift up. You want to know the chin down just slightly, so you have a little lengthening in the back of the neck. So, you're already gazing in between the knees and the back is in neutral and then, lower back down. Bring both legs back up, support the head. You're going to lift up, bend the right knee in and extend the left leg out. You're going to lift up and twist over to one side, but, rotate the torso more than just trying to reach the, the shoulder or the arm across. And then, inhale center, of course twist to the other side and you want to stay even. The pelvis is even without swinging and moving around. Inhale and exhale. More of a progression would be to extend both legs and twist towards the leg closer to you and twist. Try to keep the elbows open instead of pulling the elbow across. Exhale, twist; exhale, same thing, try not to twist and pull the neck across too much. "Whew", "Hmmm". Exhale back to the center. Bend the knees in, lower the head and lower the arms and then, gently lower the feet back down together at the same time. Start with eight or ten repetitions of each; one on each side being one. So, if you do the left and then the right, that's one; left and right is two and then progress from there. You can add more repetitions or you can change up your tempos. Some do a little slower and then some do a little faster. Those are some tips on a supine abdominal exercises. I'm Emily Wenzel with


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