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Using a stability ball to perform pikes gives you a fast, simple way to tighten your abs. Learn a two-part stability ball routine in this free video of abdominal exercises.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Emily Wenzel with Body And Mind Enrichment. I'm a Personal Trainer and a Pilates Instructor and Herbalist and an Organic Gardener. Now here, I'm here at the Pilates Loft, we're going to go over some exercises that tighten your abs fast. So, find your hip bones, standing even on both legs and travel two inches in and two inches down. You want to draw those abdominal muscles towards the mid-line of the body. Then, gently pull it back towards the spine and scoop and lift it up. You should automatically feel a lengthening in the body and a better posture. The first two exercises you're going to do, you're going to walk out on top of the ball. Place the ball right about where, underneath the knee. The first exercise, you're going to pike up and down with the legs straight. So, you're going to pike up from the lower abdominals and when you come back down, come back down into that perfect plank position. And on the second exercise, you're going to pike up slightly and the knees come in and out. But, make sure you're pulling the knees in and out from your core as oppose to digging the knees down into the ball and pulling in and out through the knees. The next exercise, walk back out in about that same area and you're going to rotate side to side. The key is try to stack one leg on top of the other; so, the hips are twisted over to the one side and of course, rotate to the other side. To transition properly to the next exercise, place the arms on the outside, shoulders down. You're going to lift up. But, you can keep the knees down; the more advanced would be to lift the knees up. We'll do it both ways. Bring the arms to the outside, but you want to activate the lower abdominals and lift the chest, the belly button and the hip bones off the ball at the same time. So, inhale here, neck nice and long and as you exhale, you're going to press up and lift. So, try to avoid lifting the shoulders up and down please. Inhale here and then exhale, lower it gently all the way back down. So, more of a progression would be the knees are going to be straight off the ground, the legs extended. Inhale long neck and then exhale, lift off. Then, you're going to pike up, but the pike comes from the lower abdominals. I'll keep the lower abdominals, drawing towards the mid-line of the body and pull the shoulder, pull the belly button towards the spine and up towards the heart. So, keep the shoulders down; inhale and then exhale, pike it up. Using the lower abdominals light on the toes in the feet. Reach it here and then as you lower down, you can alternate and go onto the elbows this time. Inhale, neck nice and long, try not to pull the elbows too far back or too far forward. So, the elbows should be somewhat in a direct relationship with the shoulders. Inhale and then, when you pike it up, lift up from the lower abdominals; set it back, inhale, wide in the arms and then back into your full plank. Shoulders down and the neck is nice and long. Inhale here, exhale, pike it up. Take a breath in, roll it down, elbows on top of the ball and then, pike it back up. And then, roll it all the way up and off; inhale and then exhale. Those are some exercises using the stability ball to tighten your abdominals fast. I'm Emily Wenzel with


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