How to Get Super-Flat Abs

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Place a bender ball, towel or small pillow against your back, sit up straight, and then use a band to roll backward and forward in this routine designed to help you get super-flat abs. See how it's done in this free video of abdominal exercises.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Emily Wenzel with Body and Mind Enrichment. I'm a personal trainer and a pilates instructor, an herbalist, and an organic gardener. I'm here at the Pilates Loft today, and we're going to go over some exercises to give you super flat abdominals. The first few exercises, we're going to use both the bender ball, and a band. If you don't have a band, that's fine, grab a towel and if you don't have the ball, you can grab a small pillow, too to give you support. But place the ball real close to the lower back and start seated upright, where the shoulders are right on top of the hips, and try to keep the legs relaxed. And you want to grab the band. I've doubled up on it. Grab the band, about shoulder width apart, maybe a little wider. And keep the shoulder blades pulled back, so you're going to inhale as you begin, and as you exhale, roll the hips under and kind of roll over those sits bones, and roll back to where you feel the strength of your abdominals, but a little assistance in the lower back. So, you're going to roll back as you inhale, and then exhale, straighten it back up. Take a breath in, and this time exhale and roll down, inhale and hold. Keep the shoulder blades pulled back. And then exhale, pull the abdominals in as you straighten back up. So as you exhale you're going to roll back, activate the lower abdominals, light on the legs, inhale, keep the shoulder blades pulled back, and then straighten it back up. So, this time you're going to roll back as you exhale, then you're going to lean back, just slightly, but keep the head forward. Try to avoid swinging the head forward or back. And then you're going to lengthen up through the crown of the head as you come back up. So as you exhale, round back, inhale, lengthen back, and then exhale, lift it back up. So, roll back as you exhale, inhale, lean back, and then lengthen back up. And then do the opposite. So you're going to hinge back. Then roll the hips under, and then round it forward. So, start out doing about eight or ten repetitions. You shouldn't need to do about a hundred, and then build up from there, or change the tempo, change the speed of it, but whatever you do just stay focused on your body and pay attention to what's active and isolate. The next few exercises, you're going to roll down. Place the ball underneath the lower back, but place it about the lower lower back. It's going to vary for everybody, so if it doesn't feel right, it may not feel right. So just adjust the position and then of course make sure that it's even so you're not heavier on one side than another. So bring the knees up into tabletop, and at first it might feel kind of funny because you got to balance, and you may wiggle around a little bit. So, do the best you can. Maybe this is your exercise for today, is just to hold and to stabilize. Take a breath in, and when you exhale, extend both legs up and out, and you're going to circle both legs down and around. So circle down, out and around. Well, or it might be the letter D. So, reach the legs out and away. If you need to, if you're just still working on your balance and stabilization, just keep the legs bent. Extending the lever, meaning straightening the leg is going to make the exercise a little more challenging. Only lower the legs as much as you can without your back changing positions, arching up or down. And also make sure that the ribcage stays down and the neck stays nice and beautiful and long. So as you exhale, you're going to lower and circle around. Same thing. Eight or ten repetitions. And then you can build from there. Reverse the direction of course. And make sure the head stays relaxed and the lower abdominals are active. Then you're going to keep both legs straight and lower one leg down as you inhale, and then exhale, switch to the opposite leg. And then if you need to, again, bend one, and straighten. So, you pick and choose. Then you can lower both legs down and exhale, lift both legs up. Focus on the lower abdominals, lifting and lowering from the lower abdominal muscles. Exhale, same thing. About eight or ten repetitions. And then lower it back down. Those are some exercises to give you super flat abdominals. I'm Emily Wenzel with


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