How to Train Abs With a Resistance Band

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A resistance band allows you to train your abs at various levels of difficulty as you push against the band from a standing or prone position. Strengthen your abdominal muscles with the aid of this free video on abdominal workouts.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Emily Wenzel with Body And Mind Enrichment. I'm a Personal Trainer, Pilates Instructor, Herbalist and an Organic Gardener. We're here at the Pilates Loft today, and we're going to go over some of the exercises for the abdominals with the resistance band. The first exercise we're going to begin standing. So, the, the length of your band will depend upon of course your height; then, you want it to be somewhere between five to six feet tall. This one's a little taller than me and I'm just over five feet. So, you want to step on the band evenly of course and bring the band in between the thumbs and the fingers. Bring the shoulder blades together and back and activate the lower abdominals by finding your hip bones and traveling two inches in and two inches down and draw those muscles towards the mid-line of the body. Inhale as you prepare and exhale, you're going to bring the fingers forward by keeping the shoulder blades together and slightly back and then exhale and lower. Take a breath in and then exhale as you lift, inhale hold and then, exhale and lower. Then, you're going to bring the arms slightly out like a V. So, exhale wide and keep the shoulder blades back and nice and long in the neck; shoulders down away from the ears and then lower back down. Take a breath in and exhale, bring the arms out to the sides, so keep the shoulder blades back and down and the neck light, nice and long. And then, you can go into a circle. So, you're going to bring it forward as you exhale, inhale and open, really reach the arms around and then lower it back down. And then, do the opposite direction. So, you're going to exhale as you widen, inhale bring it in front and then exhale and lower. The key is to activate the core muscles so you don't feel everything in the shoulders. The next exercise we're going to be seated. You want to have a seat on your sits bones and then grab your band. You're going to be seated back, put a slight hand and lift out of that lower back. Grab the bands, the closer in, the tighter the resistance. The further out, the less resistance. So, of course you decide. You're going to hinge back and then, grab a hold of bands, keep the shoulder blades pulled back and as you exhale, you're going to pull slightly back activating from the core, the lower abdominal muscles. Keep the shoulder blades and the neck nice and long. So, inhale bring up slightly and then, exhale pull away. So, keep the shoulder blades pulled back and keep that lift out of the lower back. And then, inhale bring it forward to your, if you're ready for more of a challenge, bring the knees up and then as you exhale, pull the arms back, keeping the shoulder blades slightly pulled back and down and then hold and resist from your core, the lower abdominals. Inhale bring it forward and then exhale, pull back. Keep that lift out of that lower back. Inhale and hold and then exhale and relax. The next exercise we're going to roll down all the way onto your mat. Go ahead and place the band in just one leg; grab a hold with one hand and then roll all the way down. Straighten the leg up and you want to keep a nice hold, the elbows on the ground into like a bicep hold. Extend the opposite leg out or if you feel any sensitivity in the back, bend that knee up. And if you need a little support for the head, just, just ball up maybe like a little towel or even just a little pillow to give you some support on the head. So, as you inhale, you're going to bring this leg across the body, but you want to keep the band hand steady and then circle it out and around but you want to keep the pelvis in a neutral position. So, try not to rock and roll around too much. So, you're going to inhale across and then exhale around. So, you're going to feel the resistance's going to be different depending upon where you're holding the band. The tighter the band is, the closer your hand is going to be up towards the feet. And then reverse that circle of course. You're going to inhale as you open it up and exhale around. So again, keep that band hand steady and even straight and strong for the rest. I'm Emily Wenzel with Those are some exercises that you can do to train your abdominals with the resistance band.


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