How to Stretch Jeans After Shrinking Them

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If your jeans shrunk a little too fast, you can stretch them out to compensate. Increase your jean size quickly with help from a fashion expert in this free video.

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Video Transcript

Well, hey there. Once again, it's your girl, P.W., giving you the know-how on the how-to for fashion. And to continue on with our denim, we're going to talk about how do you stretch jeans after you shrunk them. You know well how this could happen. You ate a little too much, you thought you was fly and you had our jeans, you know, you shrunk them all up and you destroy them and now, they don't even fit anymore. Let stretch them back out, okay. Okay. You have to decide some key factors here. Where do you need to stretch the jeans? How do you stretch them out after they've been shrunk down? If you need room here, our secret ingredient, I don't care what anybody says, fabric softener with water is the key to life. You need fabric softener. I know there are some people who don't even use fabric softener, I can't believe that. Let's spray her down. Spray her at the waist. Spray her on the out seams. The emollients will bring the fiber back to the elasticity and we want to stretch. Can you see that? We want to pull, we want to pull with all our might. If they're cheap jeans, they may just rip; but, these are pretty good. But, we want to stretch them out. This is not something that we want to put in the dryer after we finish. We want to stretch and we want to continue to stretch. Now, I don't know if you guys saw it before, but, these jeans were from here to here. Now, these jeans have given us the extra half of an inch. It's about stretching one key point. It's not about the fabrication here more so. It's about stretching where the, the stitches meet the seams. You see all these? it's stretching here. You want it to stretch here. You want it to stretch on your out seams. So, that's where you're going to place the fabric softener and the water. Now, be careful on your stretch points. You want to be careful when you're stretching it right where the seams meet the, meet the stitches. Okay? Because they can pull there. So, you want to be careful and you want to pull directly on your seams. Now, if you have a friend whose a little thicker than you, we don't like to say big, a little thicker than you, you want to ask her to try them on and stretch them out for you. But, if she's not there and you're home alone, fabric softener and water, it's always your secret key. Well, there we go for the denim series. It's your girl, P.W., signing off for how-to.


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