How to Stretch the Inseam in Jeans

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Stretching the inseam in jeans can help your legs fit better into the pants. Jump back into a comfortable set of jeans with help from a fashion expert in this free video.

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Well, hey there, gumdrops! It's your girl, P.W., giving you the know-how on the how-to for fashion. And, we're going to continue our little denim fest, and talk about, how do we stretch the inseam on denim jeans? Now, I know that's kind of weird, because most people are thinking, in order to stretch the inseam, you have to add inches. Now, sometimes when you buy a stretch pant, you know how they are, they give you more on the outseam than they do on the inseam? Let me show you how to fix that. But, p.s., you have to have a one to two percent stretch in order to even think about doing this, because they're not going to stretch with you, okay? So, if your jeans are raw denim, they're probably not going to stretch, but every other denim will probably do it. So, let me show you a way how to do it. Okay, so here we go. We have our jeans that we're going to play with right now, and these have a nice, one percent Lycra stretch. Two percent is almost bubblegum, but they really get those rolls in there. So, we like a two percent as well. So, you know I love my secret concoctions, and I really do believe that fabric softener and water is the key to life, and it kind of does anything you need. So, let's play with it, let's put it on the inseam, all the way up, don't be scared, be generous all the way up. And, you know why we use fabric softener and water? Number one, because it smells absolutely amazing, but number two, it's something about the emollience in the fabric softener, and that really helps stretch denim. And, when denim is wet, it stretches very, very well. So, we are stretching up a storm here. I have stretched it, stretched it as far as I possibly can. Now remember, if you have a friend, you guys want to do it together, but you are more than welcome to step on this and pull on the other end. And, let me just show you, in those couple, I mean, it's been all of two minutes, you see that? These are the jeans, and this is what I just did to stretch the inseam. So, I've given myself a inch and a half already. So, if you continue to do it, it will continue to stretch. Now, you don't want to put this in the dryer, because you've done all of that hard, good work. What you want to do, is after you finish stretching it all out, you want to let it air dry. You see that? Really quick, simple, and to do, and I bet you didn't even know. Well, it's your girl, P.W., giving you the know-how on the how-to for fashion. And, I hope I've taught you how to stretch your jeans.


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