How to Fix Ripped Jeans

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Jeans that have been ripped up can still be fixed up. Make your jeans like new again with help from a fashion expert in this free video.

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Video Transcript

Well, hey there. It's your girl, P.W., giving you the know-how on how-to for fashion. And today, we're going to talk about how do you fix ripped jeans. You remember a couple episodes ago how we destroyed those jeans and you thought we were rock stars? Probably not. So, we should probably put them back together. Let me show you how to fix them once you ripped them up and done everything to them and let me show you how to put them back together seamlessly. Okay, ladies and gents, I have been doing the dip, that's you know, the dip. The dip is when you bend down and try to get that last little bit oomph inside your jeans and you get this rip. This is a very very common rip. I know you're laughing, but, it's the truth. So, what we want to do is flip it in, end to end and put the fray in the middle and we want to start from side seam to side seam. We want to go in, I'm doing it in a lighter color so that you can see what I'm doing and I'm going around. Do you see that? 'Cause that's a little bit more of a secure stitch. I'm pulling in, here's the thread around the needle; pull. It's a more secure stitch. We're going to go in, around, up. So, we just want to keep that stitch going all the way across until we finish. It's good to do it on the sewing machine, but sometimes, I think it's better to do this kind of stitch by hand because it's a little, it's really secure. So, gents if you don't have a sewing machine, ladies, if you have a sewing machine, take it right to the sewing machine; but, if you do, do it on a sewing machine, you have to turn your jeans inside out. You guys see that how that's going to work? And if you do it in the same color, you really not going to be able to tell because I'm lining up the exact snubs from this theme or this is where I start it from, that's the rip. Well, I hope I've taught you how to fix some ripped jeans. Watch what jeans you practice on 'cause we think we're rock stars on Monday, on Tuesday, we want to sew our jeans back together. "Ahh". It's your girl, P.W., on the how-to, signing off. Bye now.


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