How to Replace a Flapper in a Toilet Tank

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The toilet tank flapper needs to be replaced when it wears out to keep the toilet working properly. Replace your toilet tank flapper with the help of a professional contractor in this free video.

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Video Transcript

Hello, my name is Joshua Clement with Lighty contractors. And today, we'll be discussing how to replace a flapper in the back of a toilet tank. The most common reason why you would have to replace a flapper in the back of a toilet tank is due to rotting or being soaked so much with the water that it gets too heavy to where it doesn't float anymore. This is a very simple process. The only tool you need? Standard pair of pliers. First thing you want to do is go ahead and shut the water off, usually located right beside the toilet. If it's not there, you might want to go ahead and check your crawlspace or your basement. Go ahead and flush the toilet, get all the water out of the back of the tank. That way, you don't have your hands submerged in water. Take your standard pair of pliers, and go ahead and bend the piece of metal that connects it to the handle. Now that that's done, you want to go to the two wings on the sides of the flappers, and simply pull it off. And, there's your old flapper. Put in your new flapper. The first thing you want to do is go ahead and attach the wings to the overflow valve. As you do this, be gentle, making sure not to disturb anything that's already set in the back of the toilet. Reattach the chain to the handle. Next, you want to go ahead and slowly turn your water back on. Flush the toilet after the tank is full. You want the flapper to float about 80 percent of the time to ensure you get a good flush. I'm Josh with Lightly contractors, and that's how you replace a flapper in a toilet tank.


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