How to Jack & Support a Car

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To jack and support a car, be sure to put the parking break on and place the jack underneath the frame. Double check to make sure the car is sturdy and tight with advice from a certified technician in this free video on cars.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Steve Ellis from Burke Motor Company, Master Technician. I'm going to show you how to jack and support a vehicle. This is a jack that comes with the vehicle. It's designed to sit under the frame rail. It's notched to sit in the frame rail. You have a small handle here. The flat end is to remove the hubcap if you're doing a spare tire. Okay, and then we have the jack. This is the bar for removing the lug nuts off of the wheel. So if you have a flat, this is designed to take the wheel off, okay? They are usually all together in a package in the trunk with the spare. Whenever you're jacking a vehicle you always want to make sure that the parking break is on and the wheels are chalked so the car can't roll. Use a jack designed for the vehicle or a commercial floor jack to support the vehicle. There is certain places under the frame that you have to put the jack. If you look, you'll see and if you look in your owner's manual, it will explain it to you. We're going to put the jack under there now and this goes up against the frame rail and you put the handle in them and you jack them up okay? And some of these jacks work easier than others. You always use a jack stand or some type of stand that is designed to hold a vehicle. You don't want to just put any old block under it because it can fall and you can get hurt. So when you put the stand under them you have to make sure that they're all the way underneath the frame rail. If you have to, you go up a little higher and make sure if it's under. Okay now that it's under there you take and let the weight down from the vehicle and make sure the car is sturdy, it's tight. If you're going to do any work on the vehicle, now is the time you can take the tire off, you can do any type of work that you need to do and the vehicle will be safe in the air. My name is Steve Ellis, Certified Technician for Burke Motor Company, and this is how you jack and support a vehicle.


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