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Warming up before performing Tai Chi exercises reduces the chance of strain and injury during movements. Prepare yourself for Tai Chi with help from a professional martial arts instructor in this free video.

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Video Transcript

My name is Master Gary Whitehead. I'm here today to demonstrate some of the young old style Tai Chi. We're starting with our warm-up exercises. What we're going to do is we're going to push the sky. So, lock your hands, your fingers together; push your hands above your head, rock up on your toes and push. And then pull back down, up again, push, back down. Back up and push. Now, you go to the left side, rock up on the toes, push to the left; one, two and three. Now, to the right side; one, two and three. Now, we're going to push here, so bend over as far as you can without hurting the muscles down to the floor; one, back up, two, up and three. Now to the left side, one; now the right side, one, two and three. That's warm-up number one. Now, warm-up number two is called archer shooting the arrow. So, bring your feet out a little over shoulder-width apart, extend the right hand out, bring the right hand across your body; pivot your feet, bring the hand to the left side, pull your fingers in, rock back onto the right knee and push out with the left hand. Brush back around, pivot the feet, grab, pull in, push out Back around, grab, push out. Back around, wind, retread change the weight with one knee to the other as you pull in, change the weight and pull in and you do about eight of these total; so, it would be four on each side. Bend and out. The next one, number three is called Yin Yang hands. Start with your fingertips touching, keep your hands at the waist, bring the right hand above your head. Circle a hand back toward your little finger; let it rotate all the way around and back down. And do the same with the left. And up, palm up, rotate back to the little finger, let the palm roll over, back down. Come back up and again. And one more. Number four exercise is for the neck. You put your hands on your back with the fingers pointing to the floor and then you're just going to turn your hip to the left as far as that'll go without moving your shoulders and back to the right. This exercise is for the neck muscles. Back. Okay, exercise number five is called the lion. Touch the sides of the hands, bend the knees, sit down, come up and punch with both hands to the left side; bend the knees, sit down, come up, punch to the right, back down, punch to the left, up, punch to the right, down, punch to the left and punch to the right. Exercise number six grab energy. So, start with the right hand out, open the hand, turn it over, close the fist, sit down, bring the hand into the waist and stand up and punch with the left hand. Open the hand and grab, pull back, stand up and punch; grab, sit down, stand up and punch. Grab, sit down, stand up and punch. Grab, sit down and punch. Okay. Number seven exercise is called fly like a bird. So, start with your feet together touching at the waist with your fingers, rock up on your toes, bring your arms up above your head and bring them back down. Back up, back down. The eighth warm up exercise is called open sky catch hills. So, bend over, cross your hands in front of your body, stand up, bring your hands above, high above your head as you can reach, out to the side and bend over, go down as far as you can, try to touch your heels. Cross your hands, back up and down. As you come up inhale and as you bend over, exhale. Okay, that concludes the warm-ups. When you do the warm-ups, do them slow and controlled. You're not trying to go fast at all. You want to let the muscles relax as you start to do this. So, do them just slowly and controlled.


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