How to Remove and Re-Use Trim Properly

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You can save the paint on your walls while saving money on wood trim when you know how to remove and re-use trim properly, breaking any seal formed by the paint before prying the trim gently away from the wall. Easy does it in this free video on home repair instructions.

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Video Transcript

HI, I'm Chris Palmer. Today, I'm going to show you how to properly remove and reuse trim. You can save the paint on your walls, and the trim you're removing, if you do a few little steps before you actually remove it. The first thing you want to do is take your utility knife, and cut down the edge of the trim where it meets the wall, because the paint, and maybe even some caulking in there, makes a tight seal that will strip away the wall paint if you don't cut it first. Cut all the way around your trim, break that paint line. After you do that, get your five in one tool back inside there. Once you make a gap, you can use your other pry bars to gently work it away from the wall. If it's a miter, remember, there might be nails coming from the other direction as well, and you're going to have to be extra careful not to crack that junction where those nails intersect. Now, the bottom of the piece is free, and I'm going to be extra careful, in case there's nails coming in from the top or the side of the miter. To pull the nails out of the wall, you can protect the wall with a putty knife, or your five in one tool. It's better to pull the nails than to hammer them in. When it's time to reapply the trim, start with the miter, not a bad place to put a little bit of wood glue. Go ahead and nail the miter through the side, and then nail it into the wall, and follow the trim down, to keep a nice, even reveal along the door jam. My name's Chris Palmer. That's how you remove and reuse door trim.


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