How to Operate a Power Saw

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Power saws let you cut through things quicker than a hand saw would, such as wood and even some metals. Operate a power saw safely with help from a professional contractor in this free video.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Chris Palmer. Today, I'm going to talk about how to operate a power saw. This is a skill saw or circular saw. It has a seven and a quarter inch blade. To cross cut with it or rip with it, basically it rides on this fence while you push it through your work. You always want to start the saw before it touches your work and push it through. The blade turns this way, so if the saw ever binds up, it's going to get pushed towards you. So, always be extra careful about that. Basically, once you marked your line, you, you start to saw, line it up by watching the blade or the mark on your fence; keep that on the line and push it smoothly through the work. This is a jigsaw. Again, it, it rides on its fence and the blade works on a reciprocal motion, reciprocating motion. It's good for cutting curves; but, if you're, it won't plunge cut, if you're going to cut in the middle of your work, you need to drill a hole first. Put the saw in place, start it up and then push it gently into the work. Don't force it, but it, it will, it will make some pretty tight curves. This is a reciprocating saw. It's use for rough demo. you can put a bi-metal blade on it and cut nails. The reciprocating motion means that the blade is going in and out like that. So, be very conscious of the end of your blade contacting some sort of solid surface. You want to put a bent blade or worse you could do that. If you do want to put a bent blade and it's still sharp, get your pliers out, straighten it up and put it back in, keep it going. I, I like to use it with the teeth pointing that way. The standard use is more like that. Keep both hands on the saw. The thing will back a little on you, keep a nice firm grip on that. Here's a, a multimaster tool, great for plunge cutting. This is a fine vibrating tool. The blade moves in this sort of a motion. You can plunge cut. You can cut lots of different materials. It's a clean cut; gets into tight spaces; great for cutting, say the bottom of your door jam, cutting trim in place, very versatile tool. Thanks for watching. My name is Chris Palmer. That's how you operate a power saw.


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