How to Properly Lubricate a Lock

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A lock that won't open, even with the right key, may need to be lubricated to work again. Grease up a stuck lock in this free video, with help from a professional contractor.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Chris Palmer. Today, we're going to talk about how to properly lubricate a lock. To keep a lock working smoothly and easily, sometimes you need to lubricate it. Graphite works, however, it's messy to apply and every time you put your key in that lock, you'll wind up with a little bit of black residue on your key which then winds up on your pants or on your purse; maybe not so good. A better way to do it is to get a little WD40 down in there. It'll keep it; water is what really corrodes things mostly especially if it's an exterior lock you're using. Let that, let that stuff work in there for awhile. If you do it on your door knob, don't remove the door knob from the door. Leave it in place. Just get the WD40 in there. Keep a rag handy to catch any drips. Shake both products really well before you use them. That helps to use this, this nozzle to really get the product inside the lock. Just spray it in there and wipe it clean; maybe work the lock neck just a little bit, put your key in there. Same with your padlock. Get your product in there. The lock works really a lot more smoothly now. You'd be happy you took the time to do it. Thanks for watching. I'm Chris Palmer. That's how you lubricate a lock.


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