How to Cover Baldness

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If you just want to cover your baldness you have options ranging from a simple hat or a comb-over hairstyle to the application of a microfiber product such as Toppik. Make that bald spot less obvious with the tips in this free video on receding hairlines and baldness.

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Video Transcript

I'm Dr. Parsa Mohebi with US Hair Restoration. I will be discussing how to cover baldness. For this, you need a hat, or a comb, or microfiber. The easiest thing to do is to wear a hat. So, for that, you need a hat. And, you put it on, and you forget about balding, okay? You can easily cover it. Obviously, many people cannot use this option. They want to have the option to go to places without wearing a hat. For that, another easy technique is to using a comb, we call it "comb over". We can have some hair, or no hair, and people can basically borrow hair from one side, bring it, and covering the balding area so it's not visible anymore, okay? The third option is when you have thinning or some balding spot, but you want to make it look more full, you can use microfibers such as Toppik, that can be basically sprayed or poured on the hair. It makes the hair shafts a little bit thicker, and it can minimize the contrast between the hair color and skin tone. So, in order to put microfiber, you just find the area that you have thinning, you can use a comb to part the area, and very gently just put the fiber, it's very fine pieces of microfibers, you can put it on the thinning area, and easily you can cover the area. You can just comb it a little bit, so it will go down, and that's perfect. You can conceal the balding area. I'm Dr. Parsa Mohebi with US Hair Restoration, and that was how to cover baldness.


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