Acupressure for Lactation

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Lactation can be increased by using very specific acupressure points on a woman's body. Manage lactation through acupressure with help from a doctor of Oriental medicine in this free video clip.

Part of the Video Series: Acupressure for Women
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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Hilary Talbott, Acupuncture Physician and Clinical Herbalist. Today, we will be discussing acupressure points to increase lactation. There's actually four channels that are involved in lactation; but, the one that I usually find the most success with is the small intestine channel. So, I'm going to show you kind of couple of points on this channel to stimulate. The first point that I would always use is a fingernail point here on the small intestine channel which the channel runs where the, the red and the white skin meet here, down the side of the hand and through the wrist. This point is easily found by locating the lowest part of the nail bed and the widest part of the nail bed and it's on the lateral side of the pinkie and it's where the two would cross. And this point can actually be easily stimulated with a fingernail or this little forceps that I have here. I'm actually going to put a little acupressure seed on it, a vicarious seed with a Band-Aid on it so that there's a little bit of continuous stimulation here. Now, you know the milk actually takes a couple of hours after the, or couple of days after the colostrum starts to flow; so, it, you know, it's not immediate like some of us would like to think that it is. But, the sooner that you get to these points and, and start the milk flowing, the better off you'll be as far as increased instances of mastitis which is where the, the nipple actually clogs and that can be extremely painful. And then, I'm just going to rub the channel to try and open this up and what this does is it helps to open up the waterways of the nipple. And so, if you were having let's say one side with sufficiently lactating and the other side wasn't, you would want to use the channel in the hand on the side of the breast that you were experiencing problems with. If it's both, then obviously, stimulate both channels. As I said before, there are actually three other channels that can be helpful; but I find that this one clinically tends to work the best. In addition to acupressure, acupuncture, we can also use herbal formulas that are safe for mom and baby especially if it's an issue with deficiency where maybe the, the labor was so taxing and you lost so much blood and energy that your body's just simply not making enough milk. That can easily be alleviated in, in a couple of days with a, a Chinese herbal prescription for you. I encourage you to seek out an acupuncture physician that's skilled in treating issues during maternity and labor. I'm Hilary Talbott and that was acupressure for increasing lactation.


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