How to Care for Curly Black Hair

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After curly black hair has been rendered, you need to care for it with shampoos and techniques to preserve it. Keep your curly hair curled with help from a professional hairstylist in this free video.

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Hi, I'm Jazmayne Chatman, representing gLaM sQuAd LA. Today, I'm going to show you how to care for curly black hair. One of the biggest issues in caring for curly black hair, is knowing what products to use. There's different variations of curls. There's kinky, there's wavy, there's curly, there's so many different products that are available out there for everyone in every texture. Mixed Chicks has a line that was designed for ethnic hair in general, someone who might be Jewish or African American, a mixed person that, you know, their background's from two different cultures. This line is very, very popular amongst women who have curly hair like miss Ebony. Another key thing for styling and controlling, taking care of curly hair, is having a paddle brush. This is going to be your best friend. For those of you who have tangles and who don't know how to brush through their hair, it's like, "Oh my God, the comb's stuck!" This is what you need to take care of curly hair. A wide tooth comb as well is key, something that you always want to have. Never use a fine comb like this on curly hair. Definitely, you will experience breakage, a lot of bad things can happen if you comb through wet curly hair with a comb this thin. Then, I also wanted to tell you guys how you can care for your hair at night. A lot of times, people assume because their hair is long or it's curly, it can't get matted, or it can't, nothing bad can happen. But, sleeping on your hair is very bad for you, actually. You want to use something like this, maybe a bonnet. This is a satin bonnet that is sold all over, Sally's, several beauty supplies, even Rite Aid, sometimes has it. And, it's like a shower cap. It's actually a fabric shower cap that's been used for hundreds of years I believe, to take care of our hair. It can be put over rollers, it can be put over any type of loose hairstyle. So, you want to be mindful to wrap or get your hair all in one consistent pattern, never just put it in there. You know, you want to make sure everything's mended. And then, put it on. Of course, miss Brandy has a lot of hair, so there'll be a lot of tucking involved. And, you can go to sleep just like that. Another option, if you want to be cute, you got a boyfriend, you don't really want to do the whole bonnet thing, is you can part your hair in two sections, and do what I call the Pocohontas. You can comb your hair out, but you don't have to. Of course, if you have curls, I think it'd be best to leave the natural pattern. Separate the hair in three sections, and then just braid, loose braid. Nothing too intense. Just braid it down, and then you'll secure the ends with an elastic rubber band. I say elastic, because the rubber bands are actually very bad for the hair, and for someone like miss Ebony who has curly hair, the rubber band can get detangled all at the ends. All of this hair can get ratted in there. So, you want to stop a little before the ends, because you don't want to mess up that natural curl. It's kind of hard to get back, if you're not wetting the hair. Secure it right before the ends, and you can do the same to the other side. So, that's Jazmayne Chatman, representing gLaM sQuAd LA, and I just showed you how to care for curly black hair.


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