Insomnia and Acupressure

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Worry, mental stimulation or too much exercise near bedtime can all cause internal heat that leads to insomnia, but acupressure using the Anmian and Gallbladder 20 Points can help. Learn how to put insomnia to sleep in this free video on basic acupressure techniques.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Hilary Talbott, acupuncture physician and clinical herbalist. Today, I will be showing you an acupressure point to help alleviate insomnia. Now, there are many different reasons why you could be experiencing insomnia. And, most often, I always find a component of heat, kind of an internal heat that's generated. And, that can be generated from various different reasons, whether it's over worry, overthinking, as well as overexercise can do it too close to bedtime. Or, overeating right before you go to bed, because there's an immense amount of heat that's kicked off from the digestive system. And, if you eat right before you go to bed, oftentimes that heat will kind of harass the mind and keep you awake. So, this point right here, called "Anmian", which is Chinese name for it that translates to "peaceful sleep", is located on either side of the neck. It's located in between two points. Gallbladder 20 is located right here, at the base of the skull and the mastoid process. So, you want to put one finger there, and then one finger in the hollow space behind the earlobe. Anmian is located right between the two points, often in the belly of this muscle right here, the sternocleidomastoid muscle. So, massaging this point on both sides of the head, just as you're about to get in bed, can often stimulate a peaceful sleep response. As I said before, there are many underlying reasons why you're not going to sleep that can easily be corrected and make insomnia a thing of the past. So, rather than treating it by symptom with this point, I encourage you to seek out your local acupuncture physician, and treat the root cause of your insomnia, making it a thing of the past. I'm Hilary Talbott, and that was acupressure for insomnia.


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