Kickboxing Workout at Home

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The art of kickboxing is something you can use to work out in the comfort of your own home. Learn about kickboxing workouts at home with help from a certified personal fitness trainer in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Tanya, and I'm an instructor at Gold's Gym. I'm going to show a few things you can do kind of kickboxing routine you can do at home without the bags. Oh, I used to think, oh, I got to have the bag, it's not a great workout until I have a bag. It's not true. Do a little bit of combat, a little cardio, shadow boxing, you are just as sore the next day. So I'm going to throw a jab right at you. Your guard is up, your abs are in. Your right leg is to me. You are going to jab. Jab, jab, keep your guard up guys. Now add in the cross right here. Got to lift your heel on the cross. And now I'm going to add in some hooks, hook. Now on your hook I want a 90 degree arm. The palm faces the floor. And then I'm going to add in upper cuts which the elbows are in close. You want to drop down and pop up in the legs. That's amazing, then put it together. Jab, cross, hook, up. Jab, cross, hook, up. So from the side. In a real fight you don't want to leave your arm out there. You want to pull it right back away. Jab, cross, hook, up. Jab, cross, hook, up. Shoulders are rolling. You want to exhale when you punch. Jab, cross, hook, up. Then you want to do the other side. It's getting you nice and warmed up. Then you've got to do the legs cause it's kickboxing. So I'm going to push my foot to you. Push, push. I'm pushing through the ball of the foot from the side. Push, push, push, push. I'm getting my legs up. You don't have to kick crazy high. Four, three, two, one. So that's just like a front kick. Then you might want to add a back kick in. So front kick, back kick. Front, back. I'm leaning back, then leaning forward. That is an amazing way to get the butt work, leg work. You got some roundhouses if you want to. Where you just kind of hold, step your heel towards your opponent and roundhouse. Step, round. Round, round. Point the toe. Four, three, two, one. So jab, cross, hook, up, step, round. Step, round. Keep doing that you are just putting the combinations together. Front kick, back kick, you got some side kicks in there. Just a few things you can do to really get the heart rate up. You can do it at your house, you don't need gloves. Punch the air. Awesome workout.


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