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Yoga is a great way to keep you fit, healthy and in shape. Learn about yoga fitness training with help from a certified personal fitness trainer in this free video clip.

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Hi, my name is Tanya, and I'm an instructor at Gold's Gym. I want to show you a few things you can do, like, for fitness yoga, and when I think of fitness yoga, you want to think about kind of going a little quicker than usual, kind of gets the heart rate up and really helps to warm the body. Yoga is amazing for getting your body in great shape. Let's go, let's just get started. I've got a mat here. It's good to have one or maybe two mats but most sticky mats you can grip and I'm going to come to the front of the mat. I'm going to inhale, reach all the way up. I'm going to exhale, forward fold so I really want to let the head be heavy. Take your hands to your shins. I want you to slide up midway with a flat back. That's an amazing hamstring stretch, inhale, lift the chest, exhale forward fold. Now let the hands find the floor. This is where you can either step or jump your feet back into plank position and I want you to slowly lower to the floor but don't go all the way down and I want you to come on up to your Up Dog where you open your chest, tuck toes under, press back, do Downward Facing Dog and that should feel really good to you and then you can either bend the knees and step or jump your feet up to your hands, fold into the legs, slide it up midway with a flat back, fold into the legs one more time, bend the knees, inhale come all the way up and exhale, lower the arms. You are going to do that like four more times but another great thing to do for fitness yoga, I'm coming into Warrior, Warrior II. So you want to come really low, shoulders directly above your hips. Melt the shoulders down, great way to feel the legs, the thighs, hamstrings, everything, then I'm going to come into an Extended Side Angle. Take that arm all the way up and over. It's an amazing stretch. I'm sinking a little deeper into my hips and I'm long from the crown of my head and my fingertips all the way out to my foot. So that's pretty amazing, come all the way up into Sun Warrior and you really want to bend that front leg. So I'm getting really warm in the legs here so that's my Sun Warrior. I'm going to rise all the way up back to Warrior II and the legs are already starting to burn. It's pretty fantastic. Coming all the way up and from there, inhale, open your chest, exhale, forward fold with a flat back and that feels really good. You can come a little deeper if you want to, feels so good to the legs. Hands to the floor, bend the knees, rise all the way up and one more thing. You want to come here, it's called Lightning Bolt. Bend the knees, reach the arms all the way up and you just want to hold this. So all these positions are really great for fitness yoga. You're going to feel the burn in the legs but it's really great to do your Sun Salutations then incorporate your Warrior II, Warrior III, all those moves. Going to get your heart rate going, warm the body and you're going to be looking long and lean.


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