How to Burn Fat With Elastic Bands

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Incorporating elastic resistance bands into your workout can be a great way to burn fat through general exercise. Learn how to burn fat using elastic bands with help from a fitness expert in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Tanya and I'm an instructor at Gold's Gym. How to burn fat using these elastic resistance bands. Well to burn fat you've got to get your heart rate up and get in the fat burn zone. So I want you to take a band if you can find one, wrap it around a column or something around your house that's really stable and you know is not going to fall on you. Alright so I'm going to have it around here. This is a fairly easy kickboxing bag, let's hope it doesn't tip over. So I'm here with this band, I'm coming far back away from this. I'm starting with my hand, kind of lacing them together, just squatting, simple, kind of just get kind of used to it, get your balance, that's all thigh, that's all butt, lower and lift but I want to burn fat so I'm going to add a jump with this, a squat jump. You want to do this for like a minute, jump, three, two, one but you're doing it for a minute. Alright same idea, I've got the band, one foot behind me. My right leg is behind me. I'm going to pull, so pull, kind of like a bow and your left hand is the arrow. So pull, the muscle is burning, three, two, one and then of course, you want to do the other side, switch it and pull. That's working the muscles, the muscles all along the back. It's pretty great. Okay, I want to work obliques. I'm going to face you, got the handles together, stable base with your band around it, pulling the arms across the body. That's working oblique like you wouldn't believe, three, long arms of the straight arms, don't want to bend the elbows, two more, last one. Of course get on the other side or turn around same thing to get evenly ripped. But that's a great way that you can burn fat but you have got to get your heart rate up. A great way to burn fat with bands.


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