How to Measure an HD Television

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Measuring the screen size of a high definition television is done diagonally, not vertically or horizontally. Measure your own HD television with help from a multimedia expert in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hello, my name is Zachery Powell. I'm a video producer, and today I'm going to show you how you measure your HD screens. Alright, the first thing I'm going to tell you about measuring an HD TV screen is when someone comes up to you and says I have a 42 inch HD screen, I have a 32, 65 inch, what does that number mean? It doesn't correlate to the width of the screen or the height. It is the diagonal viewing area of the screen. So, that means from corner to corner. This is a 42 inch screen. The viewable area, corner to corner is about 42 inches, from corner to corner. Now so if you want to measure how big your screen is you would actually just sit there and put from the left corner, the top left to the bottom right and just literally measure corner to corner and just to make sure, go from the reverse corner to corner, go from the top right to the bottom left, 42, 42. So now you know you have a 42 inch screen. Now, so if you have a cabinet space, a little area to put your TV and you're trying to figure how big a TV I can put in there, can I put it at 32, can I put a 42 inch, can I put even up to a 50 inch or maybe even a 60. What you need to do is a little math, I hate to say it what you have to do is measure your height of your cabinet, the width of your cabinet and then you actually measure the diagonal of the cabinet and when you actually measure the diagonal of the cabinet that's really kind of going to tell you how big you can fit in. Now one thing to keep in mind, this is a 42 inch screen, but it actually has extra width for the actual screen itself and then this screen even has speakers on the side. So it's even thicker on the side so just because that diagonal is 42 doesn't mean I can fit a 42 inch screen in there. I really can only go maybe up to a 32 because the screen actually has some thickness to it. The other thing too is when you're measuring diagonal is remember, HD screens are 16 X 9 so that means this diagonal line on all screens, doesn't matter the size, is roughly going to be about a 30 degree angle. So, when you're measuring, you want to keep it not up here at a 40 or down here, you want to measure about a 30 degree angle when you're measuring your cabinet. And that way it can kind of tell you how big you can fit in. Other things to keep in mind is you don't want to adjust the screen just to fit and have no space around the screen. You want to leave a couple inches around the screen to make sure that there's air flow can get actually behind the screen. So if you have a cabinet or a wall and you want to figure out how much space a certain type of HD TV screen is going to take up, the best thing I recommend is find a store that is actually selling the TV that you want, go down there and physically measure the dimensions of the screen and the actual full TV to see if you can actually fit it into your type of cabinet or wall unit and that's how you measure your HD TV screens.


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