How to Clean a Flat Panel TV Monitor Screen

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Cleaning a flat panel TV must be done delicately so as not to damage the unit. Learn how to clean a flat panel TV monitor screen with help from a multimedia expert in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hello, my name is Zachery Powell. I'm a video producer, and today I'm going to show you how you clean your HD screens. The same methods you would use to clean your HD TV screen would be the same methods used to clean your computer display. Now the first thing you want to do is check your manual. Make sure there's not any special procedures or concerns you have to worry about. After that, if there is none of those what you don't want to do is use paper towels on it. Don't grab a paper towel and like I've got a smudge and just a white dry paper towel. Do not do it. These fibers will scratch your screen or ruin your screen. Do not use this. Do not use all purpose cleaner. Don't use Windex or anything like that. I know it says all purpose. It's not meant to clean your screens in your HD TVs. You're just going to ruin them that way. What you can use and I recommend is just canned air. Just what you want to do is lightly use it to just lightly blow off any big heavy particles. Sometimes this is all you need to do. You want to be very lightly about it, you know, just be careful you don't want to turn upside down and freeze your screen. Now if that is not enough the next thing what you want to do is you want to shut off your screen and you're going to use a solution. Now you can go and order your solution on line that actually recommends to use on HD TV screens and computer monitors. If you don't want to spend the money on this, you can actually go to the store and just get rubbing alcohol, get the highest proof possible. This is 91 percent, and then you're going to mix this with water. I would do no more than one part alcohol versus two part water and you don't need a lot, just very little bit of solution. Now to actually do the wiping of the screen, you want to go and use this microfiber cloth. They come in different colors and different sizes. these are the same cloths that you use to wipe down your eyeglasses or sunglasses. The reason why they work is in their name, microfibers. The fibers are so microscopic, they won't scratch the screen because they're too small to actually etch into the screen. So the actual process of cleaning would be I recommend that you spray the cloth in a little corner, just one spray. The reason I don't recommend spraying the screen because you don't want to over spray the screen and have your liquid drip down into the screen and causing damage. So that's why I spray the cloth and then what you do is you're going to lightly just wipe the screen, very lightly. Don't put pressure on it because you can damage the screen. You don't want to have streaks or running solution coming down so use very little bit and you use very very light pressure and just go back and forth and wipe off any particles or any liquid that you may have and then when that's done what I recommend to do is just flip it around and use another corner that you did not spray, a dry side and just lightly do circle motion and just make sure that it's all nice and dry and there's no streaks. This way you prevent against the streaks, just make sure it's all nice and dry and all the particles are off. And when that's done you can go ahead and turn back on your TV and watch your favorite TV show or movie and that was some basic tips to clean your flat panel display screens.


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