Consequences of Not Treating Arthritis

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Ignoring arthritis and going without treatment means that the condition can progress into more degenerative states. Discover why arthritis should be treated with the help of a doctor in this free video.

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Video Transcript

I am Dr. Nicie Nathani with Holistic Vitality Center in Raleigh, North Carolina. I would like to share some information on the consequences of not treating arthritis. Arthritis can progress into conditions that are more de-generative if not treated. Arthritis when it starts out is just inflammation of the joint potentially some breakdown of the cartilage inside of the joint. Without treatments and strengthening and, and restoring bio-mechanics, it can result in bone on bone. And whenever the joint has bone on bone, bony spurs can develop also called osteophytes. These bony spurs as it relates to the spine or any joint can restrict motion, can press on nerves, could affect the spinal chord and this could result in neurologic pain like numbness and tingling in the legs if you have arthritis of the back. It could also lead to weakness and spasm in muscles related to the nerve being impinge. So, it's important to treat the condition when it is simply arthritis or inflammation so that you prevent the progression to degeneration. There can also be degeneration of the vertebral disc and if that disc gets degenerated, it can result in bulging potentially as the fibers that surround the disc could potentially tear causing the material insipidus to translate out. It's more of, has more water content, more of a gel like consistency, it can translate out. And then, that is, is more difficult and complicated to treat. So, from a conservative standpoint, it's so important to prevent progression so that you eliminate a longer course of treatment and you eliminate the changes that can happen that are more permanent. That was some basic information, but find a practitioner that will offer you preventative health care by addressing your bio-mechanics, your lifestyle and diet.


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