How to Live With Osteoarthritis

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Living with the pain of osteoarthritis means making some lifestyle changes. Discover how to cope with osteoarthritis with the help of a doctor in this free video.

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Video Transcript

I am Dr. Dicie Nathani with Holistic Vitality Center in Raleigh, North Carolina. I would like to share some information about living with osteoarthritis. It's important to remember to implement a few lifestyle changes so that you reduce the likelihood of inflammation in the joint. So, we would start with managing your weight, making sure that you're active, that you have a diet that is healthy and not inflammatory. Usually a nutrient dense diet will also encourage a healthy weight. So, if you combine those two components, you can have a healthy weight to reduce pain and stress on the joint and also improve your biochemistry. A person living with arthritis generally struggles with stiffness that is associated with it. So, by improving exercise, flexibility, strength, making sure that the joint is less likely to be immobile because of the physical aspects will improve their quality of life, will improve their pain, will improve their range of motion and the amount of time that they're able to perform activities and enjoy lifestyle factors. So, it's important to, to be very active and not sedentary because being sedentary increases of course weight, but will also increase your amount of joint stiffness and pain. Diet is also very important as it relates to your biochemistry. So, if you have a diet that's high in saturated fats, processed foods with preservatives, all of these components can be very irritating and cause inflammation in general in the body. So that a joint that is inflamed will now be more likely to be inflamed and stiffer. So, by improving your diet, you're able to reduce the amount of overall inflammation in the body. You can also supplement anti-inflammatories to improve the overall inflammation in the body. Supplements such as Bromaline which is an extract of pineapple; Quercetin, also Omega 3 fatty acids which is not something that is very high in a western diet. So, it's important to supplement Omega 3s so that you improve the, your skin, the joint health and also the amount of inflammation. That was some basic information, but find a practitioner that will offer you preventative health care by addressing your bio-mechanics, your lifestyle and diet.


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