How to Burn More Fat and Calories

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Burning more fat and calories can be a great way to get your body back in shape. See how to burn more fat and calories with help from a health and nutrition expert in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm JJ Virgin, nutrition and fitness expert of, here to teach you how to burn more fat and calories and of course I've got to give a shout out to exercise first. One of the best ways to burn more fat is to do burst training. That's where you do 20 to 60 seconds of all out full body exercise followed by twice as long of active recovery. Let me give you an example. Go sprint for 30 seconds and then easily walk for a minute and repeat to accumulate four to eight total minutes of bursting. The next thing you want to make sure you're doing with exercise is to build your metabolic spanks. What I mean is to put on some muscle because muscle boots your metabolism and it's where you burn fat. Now, nothing's going to work well unless your thyroid is functioning well so make sure next time you go to the doctor to have your TSH, Thyroid Stimulating Hormone checked. It should be between about .5 and 2 optimally about 1.0 and that he also checks your 3T3, he or she rather and make sure that's in the optimal range as well. Now let's talk about what you can do to eat and drink to boost your metabolism and burn more fat and calories. Really important here to make sure you're staying well hydrated. If you're even slightly dehydrated 1 to 2 percent it can slow down fat burning and create a big rise in stress hormones. You never want to do that. Remember stress helps you lay down more fat around your waist line and raises the set point for burning it off, bad. Okay, other things that are really important including your diet, protein. Besides being very satiating, it's very thermic. It helps boost your metabolism. Another great thing to boost your metabolism, caffeine is one of those things that does but get your caffeine from green tea because green tea even without the caffeine helps boost your metabolism as much as 4% and improves insulin sensitivity. One more thing and this one might shock you, fat helps you burn fat. The fat that's in coconut, coconut butter, coconut milk, it's called MCT, Medium Chain Triglycerides and they're very thermic. They can actually help you burn fat and one more metabolic booster, spice it up with red pepper, cayenne pepper. These both can help boost your metabolism as well. I'm JJ Virgin of, and that's how to burn more fat and calories.


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