How to Increase Range of Motion in the Foot

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Increasing range of motion in the foot can be a great way to prevent pain after a hard day's work. Learn how to increase range of motion in the foot with help from a health and nutrition expert in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm JJ Virgin, nutrition and fitness expert with And today, I'm here to teach you how to increase your range of motion in the foot. Now, I've got a confession to make. When I'm not in my workout clothes, I really like to wear high heels. And if you are watching this you maybe in the same boat. Boy when you wear those for awhile your feet really start to ache. So these exercises that I'm going to show you can really help take some of that pain away and help your feet feel better while increasing the range of motion in them. The first thing I'm going to show you is how to stretch out your shins. Now when you are wearing high shoes you tend to get tight in the calves. But if you then go out and say go for a big long walk or a jog, or walk down a lot of stairs, you can get really tight in the shins as well. So here's an easy way put the top of your foot down on the ground. And then push down and you'll stretch out those shins. And you'll see it feels really good when you do it. You want to hold these for about 10 to 30 seconds. And as you are doing this you always want to think of deepening the stretch. Now the next thing that you can do and if you've been wearing high heels you'll want to do this one right away. Is to stretch out your calves. And what you want to do here is the two prong approach. The first thing that you are going to do is extend your leg and dig through your heel and lean forward trying to increase that range of motion at the ankle. You've got two different calf muscles so in order to get into the deeper one you also want to bend, bend a little bit at the knee. You'll feel that stretch differently when you do this. Now, to work a little bit more on the actual range of motion on the foot, bring it out in front of you and I just want you to do really big foot circles like you are drawing a circle with your big toe. All the way around. And then reverse it. Now you can do these every single day. And if you are on your feet a lot or you are wearing high shoes, it's a great idea to do it after a long day at work. I'm JJ Virgin of Thanks for watching.


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