How to Increase Range of Motion in Lower Body with Modified Exercises

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Increasing the range of motion in the lower body can help you expand your exercise routine to include more techniques. Learn how to increase range of motion in your lower body with help from a health and nutrition expert in this free video clip.

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Hi, I'm JJ Virgin, nutrition and fitness expert of, and I'm here today to show you how to increase range of motion in your lower body with modified exercises. Now what gets tight in your lower body? Your hamstrings, your hip flexors, your quads, your calves, so I'm going to give you my three top exercises to help you get more flexible while getting stronger too. The first exercise I'm going to show you is a stiff legged dead lift. It's great for lengthening the hamstrings, but it's also going to work your hamstrings and glutes. Now you're going to need some dumbbells to do this, and the reason we call it a stiff legged dead lift is because your knees are going to stay slightly bent, don't straighten them all the way, but they don't bend and straighten while you do the exercise. You're going to draw those weights all the way down your body as far as you can, and then come back up. But you want to make sure during the exercise you're keeping your back extended so that you feel a big stretch in your hamstrings and go as low as you can and you'll find, as you do this exercise, you're going to get more flexible. You'll be able to go lower, but never go lower by bending over from your lower back. Keep your back long. The next exercise I'm going to show you is a plie, and the reason I want to show you this one, is because this is going to help stretch out your inner and outer thighs and a lot of times when you spend all of our time in forward motion, so you're going to turn out at your hips, your knees are going to follow your toes, and you're going to bend down, keeping your back long and your belly button pulled into your spine and you should feel this in your inner and outer thighs. You're also of course working your glutes and quads, so you're strengthening, but you are stretching through your inner and outer thighs here as well. And increasing range of motion. Now the final exercise is going to help give you more range of motion in your quads and in your calves, and your hip flexors. And it also will help your balance. So to start, you may actually need to hold on to something, and that's fine. But as you progress, try to work without having to hold on to anything. Step out wide. And what you're going to do is you're going to point your back thigh straight down towards the ground. And what you'll feel is a stretch through your quad and your hip flexor. Now what you can do with the end of this exercise so that you get both your quad, your hip flexor, and your calf, is at the end of it, just push back into your heel and you'll get a great calf stretch as well. And of course we're going to repeat this to the other leg. So you'll see now that my quad is pointing straight down to the floor, it's perpendicular to the floor, I'm getting a stretch through my hip flexors here, I'm working my glutes and my quads as well, so this is not an easy exercise, and again, it's great for balance, OK, so as you get more secure with the exercise, go ahead and let go so that you train your balance as well as help improve your range of motion in your lower body. And then finish off the exercise by pushing through that heel so that you stretch out and improve the range of motion in your ankle and calf. Stretch out that calf. Now you'll want to do these three exercises three days a week on alternating days. For example Monday, Wednesday, Friday. So each of the exercises with the heaviest weight you can handle in good form, do three sets of each, do eight to 12 repetitions. Take about a 60 second rest break in between each set. I'm JJ Virgin of Those are exercises for your lower body that will improve your range of motion. Thanks for watching.


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