How to Plan a Low Carb Diet Meal

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Planning a low carb diet meal can get you on the road to healthy living. Find out how to plan a low carb diet meal with help from a health and nutrition expert in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm JJ Virgin, nutrition and fitness expert of, and today I'm going to you you how to plan a low carb diet meal. But first, I have to tell you that low carb doesn't mean no carb. It means that the carbs that you do include need to be the right ones. Low glycemic, high fiber, as close to nature as possible. And when you are pulling things out like those carbs you've got to put something in. You can't have an all low diet right. So, as we yank some of those carbs out you are going to increase non starchy vegetables. Okay they are a carb too but they are much lower in calories. And of course you are going to up the protein and the fat a little bit. Ultimately your plate is now going to look more like this. With loads of non-starchy vegetables, clean lean protein, healthy fat, and a little bit of a high fiber starchy carb. So, let me show you how to do this with a salad. This is one of the easiest ways to plan a low carb diet meal. I'm going to start with spinach one of my favorite deep green leafy cause it's rich in folate and calcium. And of course low in calories and high in fiber. We are really going to up the vegetables by the way. I'm also using some red pepper. This is one of the most vitamin C rich foods by the way. We all think of oranges but don't forget the red pepper. And cucumber, this is a great little natural diuretic and detoxifier. As far as adding a little bit of a high fiber starchy carb remember we want to keep it low carb so I'm adding just a little tiny small handful of beans. I like beans for the low carb because they are very high in fiber and a very slow low sugar response. So it's nice slow steady energy. Of course you are putting in a good amount of protein. I'm using turkey, clean lean protein. And for our healthy fats I'm going to use some extra virgin olive oil. This is a mufa, a monounsaturated fatty acid. Good for lowering blood pressure and cholesterol. I'm also going to use some red wine vinegar. This one is a pomegranate essence. And vinegar is amazing because it helps sensitize insulin receptors so that can help your body burn more fat. So we love that. Use a little sea salt. Now you notice I didn't use one of those prepackaged dressings right. This is so easy to do on your own and talk about you know dealing with the recession. This is a recession busting tip. And I'm going to toss that up a little bit. One other thing I am going to do is say at the end I'm going to put a little bit more healthy fat in with avocado, another good mufa. Put that in at then end. And there you have a great balanced salad. I'm JJ Virgin of And that's how to plan a low carb diet meal.


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