How do I Build Muscle Fast Through Diet?

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Dieting can actually help you build muscle fast in addition to helping you lose weight. Build muscle fast through dieting with help from a health and nutrition expert in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm JJ Virgin, nutrition and fitness expert of, here today to talk to you about how to build muscle fast with diet. But first, I have to remind you that you can't build muscle fast with diet unless you're actually exercising, right? So make sure that you're lifting weights, eight to 12 repetitions of those big muscle groups, repeated sets, and giving yourself adequate rest and recovery between exercise bouts. OK, so we got that out of the way, not let's talk about diet. First thing is protein of course is very important here and you want to make sure you're eating protein every four hours so you'll have breakfast, a lunch, an afternoon snack, and dinner, every four hours, and you want to eat about three-fourths of a gram of protein per pound of lean body mass. So get your body composition tested and then multiply .75 per your fat free mass and you'll get the amount of grams per day divided into four and there are your four meals. That was a lot of math. OK. Next thing is make sure you're also eating good carbohydrates because when you exercise you need to make sure that you have those carbohydrates to refuel your muscle stores of energy so you'll have something for the next workout. So my favorite thing to do after a workout and it's really within the first hour after the workout and it's really within the first hour after the workout, the sooner the better, is to have a high quality protein shake and I will use protein and either a banana or strawberries or a blend of both so I get that high quality protein and those carbohydrates. We've found of course the protein is going to help with muscle protein resynthesis and those carbohydrates are going to fuel inject right back into your muscles so that you have more energy for next time. Now one more thing I get asked all the time is should I eat before I work out? The new studies are showing that if you eat a little bit before you workout, not too much, because remember, you want the blood to be available to go to working muscles, not to be going to digestion, if you have a little bit of something, it actually allows you to get more energy out of your workout, so I actually will usually do a little of protein carb energy bar before I go out and that helps me get the most out of my workout. I'm JJ Virgin of and that's how to build muscle fast with diet.


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