Diets to Help With Eczema

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Eczema is a condition that is caused by dairy products like eggs. Find out about diets to help with Eczema with help from a health and nutrition expert in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm JJ Virgin, nutrition and fitness expert of, and today I'm here to talk to you about diet tips to help with eczema and I'm going to tell you what to take out and what to put in. Now, I will tell you that the number one thing I've seen that can aggravate or even cause eczema are eggs, sorry. And so the first thing I'm going to tell you to do are pull eggs out of your diet and along with eggs, do a trial of pulling eggs, all dairy products and gluten out of your diet. Now, I've got to warn you, these things are ubiquitous. They hide everywhere. They're in the sauces, they're in processed foods. So you're going to have to be very aware when you do this and you need to do it for at least a month to really give it a good trial because you have to get rid of a lot of the accumulated antibodies and immune complexes that have built up but if this is the case if this is aggravating your eczema it will be like a lifesaver for you. So it is well worth it. Now along with pulling out the dairy, eggs and gluten it's really important that you put in the healthy fats that are so important for reducing inflammation and keep your skin well hydrated and the studies are clear that healthy fats can help reduce skin inflammation. So what are those healthy fats? Well I'm going to give a shout out of course to olive oil, avocado, raw nuts and seeds and cold water wild fish. So, you want to include a little bit of that every single day into each meal. I'm JJ Virgin of and those are diet tips to help with eczema.


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