Acupressure Points to Cure Acne

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Correct acupressure helps to ameliorate the symptoms of an acne outbreak. Clear your skin with the help of an acupuncture physician in this free video.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Hilary Talbott, acupuncture physician and clinical herbalist. Today, we will be discussing using acupressure for acne. Now, we all know that certain foods and lifestyle choices can contribute to onset of acne but one of the things that we don't know is that there are specific points depending on what pattern is happening to cause this acne that can help ameliorate the symptoms of it. Two points that I'm going to show you today are pretty easy to find, LI 4 being the first point. It's located between the first and second bones of the hand at the high point in the muscle right at the end of the crease and there's actually a series of kind of three points here so if you locate around and kind of push until you find the one that actually kind of gives you the most feedback, the most pressure, that's usually the specific point for you. Now we use this point because this is the command point for the head so this is often times where we experience acne as well as its ability to move chi throughout the entire body. One of the biggest patterns that I see contributing to acne is Liver Chi stagnation which is basically stress and what happens with stress is the circulation of our body slows down. So using this point daily, about five to ten times for about 30 seconds at a time could actually help decrease the frequency or how much you get acne. The other point that is really good especially if your acne tends to be kind of red and angry, is on the same channel and it's LI 11 so I'm just going to swoop, follow this channel down to the other crease on the end of the elbow and it's located right at the end of the elbow and so if this is an active point for you, sometimes if you just quietly put the pad of your finger here without pressing, sometimes there's actually a vibration like there is today on our patient and that lets you know that this is a really specific point for you. On this one you want to use a little bit firmer pressure than in the hand to elicit a better effect and the same rule of thumb, five to ten times a day for about 30 seconds each time should elicit a good response. As I said before, there are multiple things that can contribute to your acne and visiting your local acupuncture physician can help you decipher what your triggers are, lifestyle and foods as well as finding points that are specific to help you with acne and possibly an herbal formula. I'm Hilary Talbott and that was acupressure for acne.


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