Acupressure for Acidity

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Acidity can manifest in several ways, from a pH imbalance to reflux and heartburn. Discover how to use acupressure for acidity relief with the help of an acupuncture physician in this free video.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Hilary Talbott, Acupuncture Physician and Clinical Herbalist. Today, we will be discussing acupressure for acidity. Now, acupressure for acidity can mean a couple of different things. Maybe systematically your, your pH balance is off or perhaps it's as simple as just experiencing some unwanted reflux or heartburns. Today, we're going to discuss a point that is good for the symptomatic relief of heartburn and reflux. That point is called Pc6 or nei guan. It's a point that we often use in Chinese medicine because of how effective it is. It often amplifies other points that we use in the body. But, this one is specific to nausea, heartburn, motion sickness as for its effectiveness. To find this point, you just locate it between the two tendons on the inside of the forearm and it's usually right after the vein crosses, about one or two finger breaths down. So, on our model today, it's located right here and what you want to do is do some light moderate pressure on this for about 15 to 30 seconds and probably about five to 10 times in order to get a good effect. This point is located in both wrists and can be used on either one. And I also recommend putting one hand on the belly while you're doing this and taking some nice deep breaths and just kind of picturing everything coming down. And what this point does anatomically is it has a, a specific effect on the lower esophageal sphincter. So, that's the little flat that sits just above the stomach can knot as often, sometimes a little bit lacking in tenacity and it allows the acid to come up and that's how we experience it as heartburn or a pain in the chest. Also, a point that you can do locally in that area is one located where the ribs come together at the sternum in the xiphoid process and you're just going to use two fingers on either side, right in these hollows and just gently stroke down. And this would be good to actually invigorate the tenacity of the ileus to prevent future heartburn. So, this something that you could do simply while you're laying in bed at night even when you're not experiencing it as a preventative measure. Now, there's lots of different things that can trigger acidity in the body and underlying patterns that we would use to properly prescribe herbs or give you certain acupuncture points that would be specific to you. So, if you have it already, I encourage to seek out your local acupuncture physician and get a diet, a diagnosis specific to you. Thanks so much for watching.


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