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If your resources are low, you can create shower invitation cards for free. Make invitation notices on the cheap with help from an accomplished visual artist in this free video.

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Hello, I'm Jeanette Conner. I've been a visual artist for eight plus years, and today I'm going to show you how to make a shower invite for free. You're going to need paper. If you have colored paper, that's better. I have this baby blue paper, but you can also use white paper, that's just fine. A ruler, or some type of straightedge, and a Sharpie or some other thick writing instrument. So, for this spring invitation, I want to use a sense of humor to make the card seem extra special, since it is just made by hand for free. So, at the top, I'm going to write, "There's something I need to tell you". And then, with your straightedge, you're just going to make three boxes on your page. And, this is just going to be for a little comic strip. So, I'm going to draw, in the first frame, a husband and a wife. The wife has a little baby bump. I'm going to use the fine tipped edge, so I can write smaller. And, she's going to say, if my pen will work, and she's going to say, "Honey, I'm late" And, he's just going to have a little thought bubble with a question mark. In the next frame, you're going to have your husband and wife again. And, he's going to say, "Oh boy!" And, if it's a girl, you can say, "No, a girl" for the wife. And, if it's a boy, you can just say, "Yes". She's going to say, "No, a girl" because, she's having a girl. And then, in the last frame, you're just going to have your wife, or pregnant lady, and she's going to say, "Come help me!" You could always take more time to draw out your husband and wife, but I like stick figures, they just work on a budget. And, on the inside, you would just write the rest. So, the last thing she said was, "Come help me!" And, to continue that statement, it'll say, "Celebrate!" in big, fun letters with a big exclamation point. And then, "My soon to arrive bundle of joy". And then, you just have to put the information for your party time, and where you're holding it. And, that's how easy it is to make a shower invite for free. This is Jeanette Conner, and today we learned how to make a shower invite for free.


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