Abdominal Exercises & Good Mornings

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Abdominal workouts and exercises are a good way to start the morning. Wake up your core muscles with the help of a certified personal trainer in this free video.

Part of the Video Series: Ab Workouts & Cardio Kickboxing
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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Tanya Batts and I'm an instructor at Gold's Gym. Abdominal exercises and good mornings. So it's a great way to start the day. You get up you go to the gym or you just get in front of the TV or your computer, and you do a great workout. Just takes a couple of minutes to really get the blood going right to the core. I'm going to show you a few exercises you can start with. Alright so we are coming on down one vertebrae at a time all the way down. So feet flat on the floor. Pick a leg, send it to the ceiling. You are just going to lower that leg and lift it. That's a great way to start your morning because I'm lowering the leg. This is a simple one. Just kind of a little single knee or single leg drop. That's what it is. And then put that foot down, other side. Lower and lift. Upper body is glued to the floor. It's a simple move nothing to crazy, two more. Last one. And that's not too bad. Another great way to start knees over hips directly. You want to dip the heel and lift it. Navel to spine. Focusing on the lowest part of the abdominals. Just really getting the belly warm. Four more, and three. That targets the lowest part I can feel it. Two, and one. Amazing. Hug the knees in, fingertips on the head. Lift so your elbows are on the outside of the knees. Lower and lift. So you want to make sure you got the feet and the head touching between each crunch, okay. This is like an old fashion crunch. I'm going to mix it up. Watch what I do. My elbows are going to go to one side, down. And then they are going to go to the other. So watch what my hips are doing. It's like a reverse curl cause I'm really crunching those abdominals. Two and one. That's amazing, that's already got the burn going on there. And that's just a great way to start your morning.


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