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Yoga and Pilates workout plans can be meshed into one workout. Create a hybrid workout plan with the help of a certified personal trainer in this free video.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Tanya, and I'm an instructor at Gold's Gym. I want to show you a few things you can do kind of with yoga and Pilates, kind of meshed all into one. Alright the one I think of, yoga, Down Dog, great way to start. So I'm coming on down, hands under shoulders, knees under your hips. Now tuck your toes, press back firmly with the hands and you've got a Downward Facing Dog. Lift your tailbone to the ceiling, press your heels to the floor and really sink your chest towards the mat. Now I'm going to shift forward to plank position. So this is a little bit of yoga because I'm in plank and a little bit of Pilates as well. So from here you want to come down and don't go all the way down, drop and I want you to hover because it's Crocodile, rise on up to your Upward Facing Dog. You really want to open the chest, sink the hips, knees down, tuck your toes, press back to Down Dog. Now I'm going to come forward. This is a great sequencing and you can do that over and over again. I'm going to come forward to my plank and I'm going to turn towards you, side plank, Pilates. Abs are working, strong core, pretty fantastic. I'm going to have the hands find the floor, hold here and then go to elbows. So you have an option here. The knees can find the floor or you can lift the knees up. So I'm holding this plank position, this is Pilates. The abs are engaging, that is core strength, pretty fantastic. Okay, another one, Bridge Pose. So I'm just going to have a seat, come all the way down one vertebra at a time, bring knees to chest, is great low back release, then let the feet find the floor, knees hip distance, touch the heels with your fingers, inhale, exhale, peel the hips up off the floor. It's Bridge Pose, core working, butt is working. This is a yoga move. Abs are locked on and that's a great way to get the core strength through yoga and then roll down and do it again, inhale, fill the lungs full, exhale, peel the hips up and that takes a lot of core strength. The legs working and it's pretty fantastic and then let the low back find the floor, bring the knees into the chest, hold one knee in, other leg goes long, single knee pull. Just pull one knee into the chest, exhale, inhale, exhale, relax the neck. You can have the head on the floor if you want, four, three, two, one. So, those are three or four moves, kind of yoga and Pilate all in one.


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