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Among its many benefits, exercise can help prevent injuries. Discover two exercises that will protect your lower back with instructions from a personal trainer and former pro football player in this free video on injury prevention.

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Video Transcript

Hi, this is Luke from Leaf Wellness Center in Santa Monica, California, and I'm here to talk to you about exercises that prevent injuries. Although all exercises, when done with appropriate form, prevent injuries, there are two specifically that we're going to focus on today. The first one is designed to keep your spine stable, so that when you're moving, you don't hurt your lower back. So, we're going to be strengthening muscles in the core that are responsible for keeping you healthy. The second exercise is a very simple glute exercise, and the reason we want to do it, is because the more functional your glutes are, the less likely your lower back is to get injured. So, the first exercise is band anti-rotation. You can use a cable machine, I'm using a cable that's wrapped around a squat rack. So, you're going to put your hands through the handle, and you're going to hold the cable, or the handle, straight in front of you. Make sure your shoulders are down, we don't want to elevate. Shoulders down, core tight, feet are shoulder width apart, and our butt is slightly backwards. If this is too easy, you make the exercise difficult by stepping farther away from the squat rack, or the apparatus, or making the resistance higher. The longer you hold it, the more difficult it will be on the core. The second exercise is lateral mini-band walks. You're going to take a mini-band that looks like this, you're going to wrap it around your ankles. You're starting in a position with your feet pointed straight ahead, your hands are on your side, and you're squatted down. The exercise is very simple. You're going to step directly to the side, making sure that your feet stay pointed straight ahead. Get as many as you want with each direction, and don't worry, this will start burning very quickly. That's the band anti-rotation, and that's the lateral mini-band walk.


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