Proper Form for a Push-Up

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Push-ups seem easy, but if performed incorrectly they can be ineffective and even dangerous. Master the proper form with detailed instructions from a personal trainer and former pro football player in this free video on push-up form.

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Video Transcript

Hi, this is Luke from Leaf Wellness Center in Santa Monica, California. Today, we're going to be talking about proper form for a push-up. A push-up sounds easy, but if you really break the exercise down, it's more difficult than you think. We're going to start by getting on to the floor. I'm going to show you incorrect form so you understand what not to do. Many people have their hands too high up here, and their elbows are angled out. That's harmful for the shoulders and it could lead to an injury. Your really want your hands to be in line with your chest muscles, and your elbows to be slightly backwards at a 45 degree angle. Once again, your core is tight. It stays tight the entire movement. So, when you press up, your body moves as one unit, your elbows are going backwards. You don't want to roll into it because that's harmful for your lower back and it's not a push-up exercise. So, really focus on keeping your core nice and tight. If it's too difficult to do a push-up on the floor, you can always angle yourself on a bench, or a bar at a squat rack to change the angle and make it easier for you. This is Luke from Leaf Wellness Center, and that's proper push-up form.


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