How to Perform a Turkish Get-Up

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The Turkish get-up is one of the most challenging moves in kettlebell training. Master the challenge with detailed instructions from a personal trainer and former pro football player in this free video on the Turkish get-up.

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Video Transcript

This is Luke from Leaf Wellness Center in Santa Monica, California. Today, we're going to be discussing the Turkish Getup. The Turkish Getup is one of the hardest, challenging movement in kettlebell sport. To start, you're going to lay on the ground next to your kettlebell. You don't want to just lift the kettlebell because that could be dangerous. So, you really want to roll over, grasp the handle with both arms, and roll back over so the kettlebell is resting on your chest. Next, you lift the kettlebell straight up, and lock your right arm. Bend your right knee, and keep that left leg straight, and that left arm at a 45 degree angle. The first movement is to roll on to the elbow. Now that you're there, press up onto your hand and some people will tell you to either lift your hips or just to bring your knee back close to the hand as fast as possible. I'm OK with either way just as long as you tilt the hips and get that knee far back. From there, you straighten out your torso and fan out your back leg. You're now in a position to stand up. From the stand up position, you can lunge back down to the back leg, you go straight to the side until your hand hits the ground, and sweep your foot back underneath your body and go back to the floor. You can lower the kettlebell, put it down. I'm Luke from Leaf Wellness Center, and that's the Turkish Getup.


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