Exercises to Improve Your Posture

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Exercises can open the chest and improve your posture. Expand your chest with scapula retractions and dumbbell rows using instructions from a personal trainer and former pro football player in this free video on exercises for improving posture.

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Video Transcript

Hi, this is Luke from Leaf Wellness Center in Santa Monica, California, and we're going to talk about exercises that improve your posture. The first exercise is called scapula retraction. All you're going to need is an exercise band. With the exercise band, holding it out with just around shoulder-width apart, you're going to pull your shoulder blades back and stretch the exercise band as far as possible. I'll show you from the side. Pull it back and open up the chest, but keep your shoulders down. So, you don't want to lift up the shoulders when you're doing that exercise. The next exercise and it's a little more advanced is a dumbbell row. This also focuses, just like the scapula retraction exercise on opening up the chest and improving the posture, strengthening those muscles that keep your shoulder blades back. The dumbbell row, grab whatever weight you feel is appropriate and start, make sure that your back is flat. You don't want to see a rounded back 'cause that could cause lower back injuries. So, make sure that the back is nice and flat, the dumbbells are hanging and we row by leading with our elbows. We don't need to pull up with our hands like that; we want to focus on the elbows dictating how far the dumbbells go up. Get as many sets and reps as you'd like. And that's the dumbbell row. This is Luke from Leaf Wellness Center, and those are exercises that improve your posture.


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