How to Stretch for Postural Management

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Tight muscles can contribute to poor posture. Stretch your lats and pecs for better shoulder alignment with advice from a personal trainer and former pro football player in this free video on stretching for posture.

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Video Transcript

Hi, this is Luke from Leaf Wellness Center in Santa Monica, California. Today, we are going to talk about stretches for postural management. We are going to focus on two muscles that are typically tight with poor posture. The lats which are on your back and attach right here in the front of your shoulder. When they get tight they pull the shoulders down and in. We don't want that. And we are also going to stretch the pecs which attach here in the front of the shoulder as well. And when they get tight they pull the shoulders down and in as well. So to start we are going to stretch your lats. Raise your arm over your head and grab the opposite elbow with your opposite arm. From here you want to lean as far as you can until you feel the stretch coming down the side of your back. To stretch the chest we are going to use a physio ball. You can use a doorway or a door jam and lodge your arm in there. But we don't have that so today we are going to use the physio ball. Start on all fours and elevate your arm at 90 degrees and put your elbow on the physio ball. Next push down so that you're driving your chest towards the opposite hand. Make sure that you feel the stretch in your chest and you are doing just fine. I'm Luke from Leaf Wellness Center and that's stretches for postural management.


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