How to Combine Striking and Kicking Techniques

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Combined kicking and striking techniques are called combinations. Create effective combinations with the help of a 7th degree senior Tae Kwon Do master in this free video.

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Video Transcript

You learned the basics; you know how to punch and you know how to kick and now, we have to put it altogether and move it from being static into a more dynamic fashion. So, when we put techniques together, we call those combinations. And so, we want to use our hands and our feet in the combination that's effective and so, we want to be able to barrage our target. So, when we practice, we could practice sparring with a partner and we can also practice sparring with bags. So obviously, if I spar with the bag, I can hit the bag as hard as I want and there's no consequence and it's still here tomorrow. But, if I hit my partner really really hard, he may not want to spar with me anymore. So, were trying to take care of our sparring partners and make it as realistic as possible without hurting injury, injuring each other. So, as we do this, put these combinations together, we think about how we do the jab, we do the punch and we bring a kick around. So, that would be a basic pun-punch-kick combination. One-two-kick combination. One-two-kick. One-two-kick. One-two-kick combination. Notice your round kick, basic simple punch, punch and then a round kick. Coming across and extended plane directly from the floor; something that's very unique to organizations, something that's very very powerful. And any other hand techniques; well, I could use other hand techniques. You palm heel, front kick. So, the combinations that I could put together on the target are almost limitless. Alright? I can also practice my side kicking; and you practice my side kicking and punch punch. So, combination sidekick-punch and round kick. So now, I could put together a combination that's even more complex. Have a kick, punch-punch and then, another kick. As you become more adept at using these, you end up with almost an infinite number of techniques and combinations that you can use on the bag. This is a great workout by, by the way. So, if you punch and kick this thing for a couple of minutes, your heart rate will come way up and your breathing increases and it's just a lot of fun. So, I hope to see you in one of our academies of Tiger Rock Academy. I'm Wiley Robinson, 7th degree Senior Master in Franklin, Tennessee, and it's been a pleasure to talk to you about my art.


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