How to Do a Side Kick

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A side kick pivots the leg, using the heel as the striking surface. Learn the technique behind a perfect side kick with the help of a 7th degree senior Tae Kwon Do master in this free video.

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Video Transcript

Next basic kick. This kick is called the side kick. So, if I'm facing this way and I have somebody in front of me that's trying to assault me and I have to defend myself, I would use a front kick. But, what if the target is off to the side? And I need a way to do this. So, the side kick. I'm going to pick up the leg, I'm going to pivot the base foot over this way, pick up the knee, kick out, pull back and then down. That's a basic side kick. The striking surface is the heel. So, I'm using the heel and I'm pushing it in a thrusting manner directly to the target. So, I pick up my leg, pivot the base foot, open my, to open up my hip so I could kick; kick out with the heel, shape my foot so the heel is sticking out, pull it back and then down. So, it's up, out, back and down. This is a basic beginning side kick that we teach when people come to our academies. We're striking with the heel, we're kicking out. So, the energy for this kick is out. So, let me do it from this position. Here, out, back and down. The kick could be done at different heights. So, we could kick low, it's very versatile. We can kick to the middle and we can also kick higher with this kick thrusting out with the heel. Coming up this way, I pivot the base foot, I lift the knee up, I kick out with the heel, pull back and down. Side kick; up, out, back and down. Up, out, back and down. Lifting up the knee up, out, back and down. Basic side kick.


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