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On the first day of school, engaging the entire group in a learning activity is a great way to break the ice and introduce the years' academics. Organize group games on the first day with advice from an elementary school teacher in this free video on classroom techniques.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Katy Hill. I'm a fourth grade middle school teacher, and these are some group activities for the first day of school. One group activity that I like to do on the first day of school and continue throughout the year is called hot seat. So, I call on one person to come and sit in my teacher's chair, and I write a vocabulary word on the white board behind them where they cannot see it, but the rest of the class can. So, the job of the rest of the class is to raise their hand and give clues, good definitions for those vocabulary words, and the person who gives the definition that helps them to actually guess the word they get to come up into the seat next. A couple rules I do enforce, number one, is they can only call on three people, and they can have up to two guesses, so that keeps that person from being in the seat for the entire game. Also, once a person has been called on, they cannot be called on again until the whole class has been called on at least one time. So, that prevents the two or three smartest kids in the class from being the only participants in the game. This gives me a chance to know what kind of knowledge they've brought from previous grades, and then as we get on into the year, it helps me know if they're retaining that information and able to share it with others.


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