First Day of School & Separation Anxiety

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Separation anxiety can plague both the child and parent alike, so it's important to reassure both parties that everything will be fine. Deal with separation anxiety on the first day of school with advice from an elementary school teacher in this free video on classroom techniques.

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Video Transcript

Hi I'm Katy Hill. I'm a fourth grade middle school teacher and these are some tips for dealing with the first day of school separation anxiety. Separation anxiety on the first day of school can happen on both parents for the parent and the child. For the parents, I have some that will still drop off their kids on the first day of school, and I think you just have to be available for them to have those conversations, you know, reassuring them that you're going to be with them, or an adult is going to be with them at all times, being available for communication, whether through phone or email or conference, just letting them know that you're there for them in whatever they need, and that you care about their child. Nobody is going to care about them as much as they do, but you need to be the person that they trust to keep their child with. On the children's part, depending on their age, I think that you just have to be that strong role model for them. You have to be there to hug them if they need to. For some, you're their, you know, you're their mom or dad away from home. If they're young, maybe you might want to have them make something, you know, for their parent to kind of take home, and then they feel like they're with them at school, and then also when the parents see that, then they know that they haven't been forgotten. So I think it's just, it's just helpful to be, you know, to reassure on both parts that you're there for them for whatever they need.


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