How to Repair Faucet Pressure

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Faucet pressure can decrease and need repair for several reasons. Increase your water pressure with the help of a professional contractor in this free video.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Chris Wade, and I'm a contractor in the city of Los Angeles. Today, I'm going to show you how to fix faucet pressure. There's a couple reasons why your kitchen faucet would be low on pressure. Over time of water being on and off, on an off, there is sediment buildup inside the pipes, and it's going to find its way up into this little, the tip of your faucet. The best thing you can do is take your wrench, and put some tape on it so you don't damage the finish on it. And, get this thing, take this thing off. And, you'll see that it's got a washer in it, a little plastic kind of like a filter type of thing, and its got these screens in it. And, a lot of times, inside the screens is where you'll get your buildup. And, what you want to do is just take this off, and just run it under some water for a few minutes, rubbing your hands on it, just kind of get it cleaned up. Once you get this off, and if you do see your pressure is still kind of low, there is a troubleshooting tip. But, go ahead, and once you got this off, clean this off anyway, because it doesn't hurt to get a little bit of maintenance done to it. And, turn the water off, and screw this back on. Tighten it, make sure you tighten it good, because if you do not tighten it, what will happen is, water will come out of here, it'll drip down here, and it'll drip down to here, and it'll almost give it an appearance that this thing is leaking, but it's actually this. Good. Now, the other troubleshooting tip is underneath the sink. Okay, down here, we've got the angle stops, which is the water supply to your sink, or your faucet I should say. You got your hot, and you got your cold. If these things are not on all the way, the valve is not completely open, that will give a drop in water pressure. Make sure that they're on all the way. If that still does not work, you can remove these, which is the water supply line up to the faucet. Take these off, and air them out, blow them out, whatever you got to do to get them cleared out. If any of these three troubleshooting tips don't work, then I suggest that you get a licensed plumber out to your house, and have them start at the main, let them know that your pressure is low, because you could have buildup back there, and then there could be a whole multitude of problems that is causing the low pressure problem. So, again, try these troubleshooting tips, they're very easy, didn't take really any tools, and good luck.


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