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Wrinkles can be prevented and minimized with proper skin care. Discover how to make the most of your skin with the help of a skin care specialist in this free video.

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Hi, I'm Christine Wheaton, and I'm a beauty expert, and we're going to go over some skin care and wrinkle tips. Definitely the most important thing would be to moisturize, and during the day to moisturize with sun protection. There are some other too that we're going to go over, but first off we're going to do the moisturizer. And when you're picking a moisturizer, definitely sun protection, like I said, but also if you can find one that has an anti aging property, which is usually vitamin E, vitamin C, seaweed, something along those lines, that's going to help keep your skin wrinkle free. So definitely moisturize day and night. At night you can go a little bit thicker. And then we also want to use an eye cream. And the eye cream is important. You can't really use a regular face cream for the eye, it's just not formulated for the delicate skin there. And you like to apply it with your ring finger, because your ring finger is a little bit weak, and it will put the right amount of pressure on the delicate eye area. So you just apply it there. Definitely at night if you don't remember to do it during the day. Night time is crucial. So that's going to help safeguard against those crow's feet, and keep the skin nice and plump. And then the final thing for the rest of the face is going to be a serum. And this has a vitamin complex in it. It's got C, A, alpha hydroxy, and that's going to really help to renew the skin, get that old skin away and get the new skin to shine through. And keep your skin from getting any new wrinkles as well as repairing the old ones. So there you go, you can use those three steps to really safeguard yourself from wrinkles and keep your skin young and fresh. Thank you so much for watching, I'm Christine Wheaton.


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